Why use Tagasauris?

Organize your photos:

By creating standard tags for your photos you will be able to manage, organize and share your collection in more meaningful ways. Plus it's fun!

Make your photos searchable:

Google can't see image content. By associating accurate and descriptive tags with photos, Tagasauris makes it possible to discover previously undiscoverable content.

More affordable:

Hiring a global on-demand workforce can reduce costs dramatically and increase ROI. Plus there is no software to download, install or maintain!

Who's talking about Tagasauris?

"At Tagasauris' core is a large-scale human computation engine. It's sector agnostic. The technology is completely made for the big data world."

"The tagging project is not just edifying but potentially addictive. Your Farmville crops may wither."

"Magnum photo agency stumbled onto a remarkable find: Nearly two dozen lost photos from the set of American Graffiti."

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